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Our Softener water purifier designs and manufactures Water Softener Systems ranging in size from 50 LPH to 1000 LPH that can eliminate up to 99.9% of dissolved minerals, salts and virtually all suspended matter and colloidal from the most challenging supply water including brackish, municipal, and sea water applications. Water Softener Plant units generate a high-quality water yield at a low cost evaluate to other purification processes.

Our Softener water filtration system is customized design particularly for your water treatment needs by a skilled team of mechanical, application and chemical engineers. Our Company builds the Plant system using only high-quality spare parts like Water Membrane and Filters.

Our Water Softener system eliminates a number of contaminants from your water, for better health and more taste.Once we know your usage needs, contaminant problems and specific purification and filtration needs, we are in a good position to can recommend the best Softener water purification systems for your requirements. Our team of experts specialize in the creation of cost effective solutions for your Softener water filtration systems needs.Our technicians will evaluate your unique water purification and filtration needs and provide a customized Softener water filtration system that meets your needs.

SOFTNER Solutions: India's Most Trusted Water Softener Plant Provider

Softener systems brings to you the best and the most effective water purifiers for the safety of your family. Our purifiers are known for their effectiveness against the toughest water contaminants in any water be it municipal, brackish or sea water applications. We offer a wide range of purifiers varying in sizes from 50 LPH to 1000 LPH. Once we get to know your exact needs and the kind of contaminants your water contains, we can recommend the most suitable and cost effective water softening system.
Our best in class water purifying systems are designed by our experienced and dedicated group of engineers who not just develop but also understand your water purification needs.
Our water softening plant is known for its expertise in all round purification of water along with the removal of its odor, taste, dissolved impurities and hardness. This gives you protection from water borne diseases that are indeed the most fatal ones.
Our latest technology and excellent customer service makes us one of the most trusted brands in water softening industry. Our water softener plant is designed to provide pure water at your homes, workplaces or hotels. Years of service to mankind has made our name synonymous to trust in the market. Our vision is to treat our customers as our partners so that we may work for a two way benefit.
We offer one of the most comprehensive Water softening systems making them ideal for any businesses. These water softeners use ion exchange resin to remove magnesium and calcium ions from your water supply. It replaces magnesium and calcium ions with sodium salts, which do not deposit scales in your system thereby keeping it in good condition for longer.
Apart from providing quality water softeners we also offer a whole wide range of industrial water softeners, quality spare parts and repair services along with different AMC plans for you to choose as per your needs. Our staff is known for its dedication and experience that helps in keeping your system in good condition. We offer the most cost effective means of repair and maintenance for your purifier. Softener water filter system is suitable for small and large Softener Plant. We offer best quality Softener RO plant to meet our customer requirement.

Our service is known to provide satisfaction to customers. The work ethics that we follow implores us to have more emphasis on customer satisfaction which we obtain from quality servicing, regular maintenance and timely repair services. A transaction with us means guaranteeing the safety of your water supply at all times.

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