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Domestic Water Softener System

Domestic Water Softener System

Discussion about domestic water softener

Brief description about domestic water softeners

Hard water contains a significant amount of magnesium and calcium which increase the hardness in water. Hard water is also responsible to complicate the dissolving process of detergent and soap. It not only delays the dissolving process but also clogs water pipes. The water softener is used to soften the hard water by connecting domestic water softeners directly to the water supply which delivers soft water and improves hair, skin and other health issues very effectively.  Water softener manufacturers deliver energy efficient domestic water softeners which have the highest longevity with better performance.

Hard water also can damage expensive household machines such as water pipelines, washing machine, air conditioning system, solar heating system and many other water-based systems by reducing the life span. Domestic water softeners collect minerals from hard water and place these minerals within the water softener tank. Then it flushes those minerals as per the need. Good and high-quality domestic water softeners last for a long time period if proper maintenance is done frequently with the appropriate filling of salts.

Water softening salts in domestic water softeners

In the current domestic water softeners, generally three types of salt are used such as rock salt, evaporated salt and solar salt which are described as follows:

Rock salt in the water softener system

In the ground rock salt occurs naturally as the minerals. Rock salt is obtained from underground salt with the help of traditional methods of mining. It contains the maximum quantity of sodium chloride up to 99 percent. Domestic water softeners which use rock salt are available in large number in India.

Evaporated salt in the water softener system

Evaporated salt is also used in domestic water softeners which are obtained from underground salt and then the moisture is evaporated by using different energy sources like coal or gas. The amount of sodium chloride in evaporated salt is between 99.6 and 99.99 percent approximately.

Solar salt in the water softener system

Solar salt is mainly extracted from the evaporation process of seawater which contains more than 85 percent of sodium chloride. Solar salt has the water insolubility level of not more than 0.03 percent and it is sold generally in the form of the crystal. But sometimes, it is sold in pellets also.

Some recognized domestic water softeners in India

Service providers of famous domestic water softener system are highly concerned with the latest cleaning system which gives automatic service without the help of manual operation or users. Kent water softener, Liv Pure water softener, Zero B Automatic water softener, Stainless steel Zero B water softeners which offer best installation service are considered as the best domestic water softener for its advanced and automatic cleaning process with the high flow rate of inlet system.

Small domestic water softeners

High performance small domestic water softeners are designed in such a manner so that it requires less space to install. Space saving design of this type of water softener can easily fit in any area where space is minimum. Small domestic water softeners have the ultimate capacity of the resin beads up to 6 liters and no electrical connection is needed to operate these types of small domestic water softeners as a powerful battery is there to operate the entire system with a control valve which is monitored through a timer. An LCD display is placed in small domestic water softeners through which users can check the present condition of the water softener and the display shows the detailed information without any help of the user. Due to these features, a domestic water softener system can continue its operation smoothly even the user is not present in the house.


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