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Industrial water softener system

Industrial water softener system

Information about industrial water softener

An industrial water softener removes excess minerals from the water like magnesium and calcium and monitors the right balance of vital minerals in the water. Industrial water softener system is available in the tank which is corrosion resistant and made from fiberglass or carbon steel. This type of water softener is created for industry purpose and satisfied all demanding requirements which are necessary for the reduction of scale and hardness of water. Water softening process of industrial water softener requires to travel the incoming water through a resin bed which is porous in nature. This resin bed has the consistency and appearance of very small plastic beads. Resin beds of this water softener have been treated and constructed quite small so that tiny bead of the system can operate and control the whole water softener.    

Automatic water softener systems

Automatic water softener systems also eliminate hardness of water and give soft water for a long time period. Automatic water softener systems give complete and convenient solutions and deal with the problems of hard water. This water softener system prevents hard water and scaling by staining the faucets, fixtures, taps and looks good as well as new for a long time. Fully automatic water softener systems are available in different series and models such as WTS and SFT. The latest and innovative ion exchange technology is used in automatic water softener systems for softening the water. Its programmable valve which has multiple ports is used for avoiding the manual intervention. Regeneration time of this water softener can be fixed at one time and the process of regeneration happens as per the requirement automatically and even at the time when the user is asleep or not present in front of the system.

Automatic water softener systems perform its general operation of multiple regeneration processes till that salt in the water is present within the water softener system. This type of water softener requires low maintenance and the water softener has high salt storage capacity. Due to the presence of a sliding cover in the automatic water softener system, it delivers convenient maintenance and operation. The control valve of an automatic water softener system is responsible for delivering high performance.

Special features of industrial water softener

The industrial water softener has smooth ports which allow flowing the water very easily without any interruption. Its single piece valve body always helps to reduce any major or minor leaks by creating additional seals. The valve body of the water softener and purifier systems has different models such as side mounted and top mounted control valves that make simple connection of plumbing. An industrial water softener is completely associated with meter initiated and aqua sensor regeneration features which separate the whole water softener and purifier systems from other useful water softeners. A remote display system of industrial water softener allows the user to know the current status of water softener and also helps to monitor the entire system very smartly. This remote-control facility of this type of water softener systems ensures the status of the system far away from 200 ft. approximately.

An industrial water softener is also available with numerous numbers of tank choices that are multiple tank facility. Some common types of industrial water softener systems are rugged steel or FRP, ASME code steel which presents multiple tank facility.  The main attractive features of industrial water softener are its electric controlled devices which is fully programmable.

Applications of industrial water softener

Industrial water softener system has a wide range of application in every important place. For reducing sulfate or alkalinity, industrial water softener has specific uses. Industrial water softeners are also used in cooling and heating purposes. For washing cars and in the field of manufacturing, the use of industrial water softener is flawless. Some popular public places such as in restaurants, hotels, resorts, and hospitals this type of water softener are used.  In office buildings, apartments and steam generation unit, industrial water softeners are used frequently.

Industrial water softeners are also applied for cooling towers and boiler feeds. In cooling towers, industrial water softener allows to remove magnesium and calcium ions from hard water and continuously softens the entire system. Industrial water softener systems are used in the pharmaceutical industry, food processing units, gas and oil systems, air conditioning and humidification systems etc.


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