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Portable Water Softener | Portable water Softener For Shower

Portable Water Softener | Portable water Softener For Shower

Top featured water softeners to enhance your lifestyle

Hard water makes drinking unsafe and unhealthy. It is for sure that a person consuming hard water might have developed digestion related problems. Not only this, using hard water for bathing and other activities accumulate a layer of hardness over the skin. Lifestyle becomes a disaster and hectic with such water quality. What about having a portable water softener? What if you need to do nothing except fixing a kit over the tap and get rid of all water problems?

Hard water contains toxic elements and minerals. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium etc. Furthermore, hardness is all about piling up of such elements or metal cations which get attached to your body, room floors, dishes, pipes and on everything that you wash with hard water. Besides, you will also not enjoy your bathing time with hard water as it feels sticky and rough on the skin. This is water softeners are developed. Portable Water softener ensures smooth and safe water from the taps. Hard water makes difficult for soap to produce clean foam. Thus, the use of water softeners allows you to enjoy your personal bathing time without mopping up calcium ions on your body. Hard water also makes plumbing a difficult experience to handle. It eliminates building up of scales in the pipes and the fittings as hard water doesn’t let the dirt to wash away.

A water softener that lasts till or more than four weeks is a perfect product to have. So, let get started with the enlisting of the best portable water softeners. Given below are briefly described portable water softeners that are rated for their excellent performance:

  • Portable 'Mobile-Soft-Water

This compact and easy to use product regenerates without electricity. Its portable and compact size makes it fit into most of the RV's utility space. It comes with the capacity to provide 3 gallons of water per minute.

  • On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable

This on the go portable water softener is rated as top of all quality products. This is double standard water softener that produces twice the gallons of water produced by any other softener unit. It regenerates with approx. 2 boxes of common table salt. The product is capable to overcome the water requirement of up to 40 days.

  •    Flow-Pur's RV-PRO

It uses common table salt to regenerate. Its full cradle base makes the tank more secure than open base tanks. The best features of this product are its low maintenance demand and cheap prices. Its portable and versatile features save your appliances from getting stained with hardness and provide a great experience at its best!

  • Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

This product is the perfect portable water softener for shower. This product is fitted with an adjustable shower head. Equipped with natural coconut carbon filter shell and Copper/zinc media removes chlorine and maintains pH balance of water. Furthermore, the superior design and structure of this shower water filter system fits or even enhances your bathroom décor!


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