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Water Softener: Clean Your Regular Water for Household Use

Are you suffering from the hard water related problem? Here is the solution to your problem “Water Softener”. A water softener is very much essential for those place which receives hard water. If you wish to purchase water softener for your home then read this carefully it can help you to buy the best water softener for your home or if you find any problem then you can contact our customer care executive.

Most of us confused between the water softener and RO water purifier but both are quite different from each other. Water purifier removes only hardness of the water but RO water purifier removes dissolved impurities along with the biological contamination. Hence Water obtained from the water softener can be used for any purpose accept drinking but water obtained from the RO purifier is suitable for the drinking. Both of these are based on different technology, water purifier use ion exchange technology whereas RO water purifier use reverses osmosis technology.

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About Water Softener Systems

Water Softener Plant and System

What do you think, your tap water is clean? No, it is not clean. Why? The water you use in your house is the earth water which contains many naturally dissolved unwanted materials. Rainwater is the ultimate source of the earth water. As we know that water is the universal solvent so when the rainwater passes through different layers of soil and rocks, many unwanted minerals get dissolved in it which can harm your skin, hair and even your clothes. Hard water (water which contains a high level of unwanted minerals) can lead to many skin disease (dry skin, dermatitis, eczema and many others) and hair loss. Bathing under hard water cause dryness of skin which leads to many skin diseases whereas impurities in water get deposited on your hair and made it dull which cause hair loss.

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Brief about Water Softener plant

Introduction of Water softener

A water softener reduces the hardness of water and softens the water by eliminating some minerals which increase the hardness of water. The high-quality water softener has a longer life and lasts from 25 years to 30 years. Longevity of water softener depends on regular topping up, servicing and repairing. Water softening is nothing but the life span expansion of some household water-based machinery including laundry machines, solar heating system, air conditioning system, pipelines.

Water softener plant

Water softener plant is designed for removing all types of impurities from hard water with the help of potassium and sodium ion replacement. The process of ion replacing does not affect the level of total dissolved water or TDS. Water softener plant for home offers top-notch service to all customers at a very reasonable price.

The working principle of water softener plants

Water softener plant in India is charged with a high capacity of exchange resin of polystyrene in the form of sodium. Water softener plants are designed by considering the principle of co-current and counter current which ensures top quality water. The overall process of softening continues until the sodium salts are exhausted properly by generating a solution with common salt again. Best water softener companies offer water softener plant in a variety of sizes with different material such as stainless steel, rubber lined and many more.

Water softener plant price depends on manual operation, installation technique. Water softener plant is also available as the version for a custom build and the standard model. Fully automatic water softeners have high price ranges. Water softener plant is easy to install and consumes less salt as compared to others by saving regeneration cost additionally.

Types of water softener plants

Water softener plants have different type of softening process such as lime softening and fully automatic twin water softener plants.

Lime softening water softener plant

Lime softening water softener plant utilizes lime addition which is in the form of calcium hydroxide and removes hardness of water by means of magnesium and calcium ion precipitation. In this softening process, calcium hydroxide reacts with CO2 and forms calcium carbonate. After that, it reacts with the available multivalent cations and removes water hardness. 

Automatic twin water softener plant

Fully automatic twin water softener plant uses the latest salt saving operation with innovative technology which produces soft water by generating low hardness of water. This type of water softener plant consumes less amount of salt which is only 25% approximately.

Some famous water softener plants in India

Various types of water softener plants in India are available in which includes FRP water softener plants, rubber lined water softener plants, MS water softener plants etc. The average diameter of FRP water softener plants lies within 2000 mm and the diameter of rubber lined water softener plants is 4000mm. Whereas MS water softener plants have a diameter of 3000 mm.

Best water softener plant companies in India

In India, there is a large number of water softener plant companies which service quality service to all people. Some water softener plant products in India are such as Zero B water softener, KENT water softener, Aqua-guard water softener etc. Best water softener plant services providers and water softener plant solution in India is RO Care India, Zeolite India private limited, Kelvin Water Technologies etc.

Water softening plant services

Water softener plant service providers India delivers outstanding water softening plant services. This water softening plant services are associated with several useful services such as AMC service, Resin replacement service for water softener plants. All these services are available throughout India mainly in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc.

Useful advantages of water softener plant

Water softener plants are easy to operate as its operating principle and softening process is quite simple. For this reason, everyone can easily use water softeners. Its installation procedure is also easy and time-saving. Water softener produces soft forming water and has a high capacity of cation resin exchange.  The reason for increasing the demand for best water softener plant companies in India is its low operating cost. The quality treatment of water softener plant remains consistent if proper maintenance and repairing service is done frequently. Water softener plants solutions are user-friendly and available in a variety of standard model including limited price. 

Applications of water softener plant

Due to the quick and easy availability of water softeners, the use of water softener plants is increasing day by day. Water softeners are used for several purposes in all areas of India. Water softeners are more frequently used in laundries and also in the plants of air conditioners. It is also required for the purpose of water cooling. In boiler feed water, water softener plants are used. Some popular places such as in restaurants and hotels, the water softener is used for beverages and food items. Water softener plants are also used in textile processing, pre-treatment of reverse osmosis, hospitals and for the residential purpose.

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